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This is where we would like to list fun places that you like to surf for your interests, or your personal website that you would like to share with other Kats. Just right click on a link and open in a new window. That way when you close it, you will return here and you won't lose us. Please put 'Places to go' in the subject line.   Class of 1964 maintained by Sherry Bliss Cole---Updated 11/02/17

  There is a new website for Reno County dining you can check out---

   Frances Heine submitted this fun test. To see how you measure up click here

   Janice Peterson has provided this link of photos in Rice County.  Would be great to see some Chase photos on there so if you have any that you would like to share, email Scot Stout at . You might check out the home page to see info about Scot Stout and also for other information

     Google street view now covers all of Chase. Just click on Google maps, put in Chase, Ks, click on street view and off you go.  Once you play with it a little, you can look at both sides of a street, move from one street to another pretty easily. Pretty much fun, brings  back old memories.  Dave Peebler

    These two places sent by Carol Kirsch Mitchell, both are in Hutchinson, Ks  and  This is an alarm clock for your computer. Simple, fun and it works. I did find out you can't exit out of the website and it still work. You can put it in the taskbar and it will still work.

Thanks to The Wilkersons--- Zip Code Info

  Thanks to Mary Taylor Johnson for 'News for the year you were born' ---Click here

  Click on message to 'Remember When'-- Message  Thanks Frances Heine for sharing.

  This is a cool site, you can put it in the taskbar after selecting an era of music  and still work away   

   Shared By Frances Heine- Have you ever wondered how your computer works?         

Shared by Merle Lewis  Current gas prices across the US

  Tom Halfast, Class of 1954, with Memorials to 5 classmates  Don & Kate Lindsay's  photos, etc., of their work in China.  Information on Hutchinson and surrounding areas

Julian Beever  is an artist who makes pavement drawings, wall murals and fine art paintings. Check out the site.              

    Click on following  Are You Lonesome Tonight (Senior Citizen Version)  Thank you Gary Huck for sharing.

   What fad was in when you were in high school--- 

    This is fun---Birthday Calculator 

   This was kind of interesting   The Longest List

  Try this page   Fun Trivia

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