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Central Plain beat Chase 64 to 14
 Anthony Herrera was crowned King and Lindsey Winkelman was crowned Queen
On our facebook page there is a video of the game.

Before the Chase Fest last Saturday sister Paula Bieberle along with Gene Haas stopped by the High School to put some bars on the In Memory Plaque. Of course I had to use the loo and was surprised to see this on the stall doors. I asked Gene if the Men's room was the same way and he confirmed so i went in and took photos there too. Love them.





New Teachers for Chase, make them feel welcome.

All the activities and this is all the Lyons News deemed worthy to print. Why do i subscribe?



Gene Haas taking it all in.

Committee members
Fred Ford, Taytem Munoz, Audrey Mermis, Cindy Brady, Tierra Van Avery, Presley Birzer, Mckenna and Bill Patton
Chase volunteer fire dept.
Chief of fire dept. Jason Kilgore
Assistant chief Jeff Link
Members of fire dept.
Cole Brady, Michael Mceachern, Riely Munoz, Bill Patton, Valarie Saunders, Curt Kelso, Brandon Herold, Nick Donovan, Zac Spangler and Jarett Mermis

Lady Kats Volleyball split in the opening triangular at Natoma, with a WIN over Natoma
in two and a loss to Thunder Ridge in two. Good start to the 2020 season.

Dave Peebler also provided this way after photo

Dave Peebler provided the before photos

After photos by Valerie Keesling Saunders

So this happened in Chaseamerica the first week or so of April. It was posted on facebook and some of the comments
that speculated as to what it used to be are these: That is the Joe Adams (snow cone) home. Dr. Wallace had an office there also, The old Adams building. Joe Adams had a plumbing shop there and they lived in the back, I think at one time he had a shoe repair shop. I remember him sitting out on those stairs in the evenings, They used to sell fireworks out of there, it was originally a meat market. The house was added in the 50's and it was the oldest building in town. It was made of Chase bricks, which were very soft bricks and they were made at a plant down by where Farley's is now. So what do you remember about this building? email me and I will add those comments to this post. Sad to see any building in Chase gone.

If you get hungry in Chaseamerica check out these menus from Kats Korner.

Met sister Paula Bieberle in Chaseamerica to take some of the Chase Kats and Felix items we have for you to purchase in the newly reopened Kats Korner. Our thanks to Jimmy the new owner for allowing us to do this and giving us a glass case to put them in. Love the improvements he has made and wish him every success. Also thank you to clerks Paula and Missy and customer Larry for their help.  Check out the store and while there get you some much needed Chase Kat sweatshirts, tees, hats or hoodies ( and a few other odds and ends) to start the school year for you and the kids. We do have kids tees. Sizes vary and only have what is in stock but I can special order if you need a size we don't have. Only stipulation is you need to pay me in advance and the cost will vary with what is in the store because I bought them in volume. The more I can purchase the cheaper I can get them. Thank you.
PS excuse the scratches on the photos, they are in the glass.


I thought this was interesting, anyone remember this family?
Article says she might have been from Chase.

Here is a photo that I took before it was moved.

Photo shared by David Peebler, we can't tell if that year is 37 or 57.

Many of our alumni will remember Charles and Bernice Day

Found this in the Lyons News Archives. Couldn't find Class of 2024

Who remembers the re-opening of the Chase Theater in 1963?


Here is our future Class of 2023

This was in the Hutchinson News awhile back and thought we would share it in case you didn't see it.



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