Chase Kats & Felix Souvenir Shop


We sold some things at the 2017 reunion but we are going to try to replace them. I will be adding new items as we find them.
I am craft minded but it doesn't come out through my hands so I find things on eBay and donate them to the Shop.
If you are talented and want to donate something you made to the Chase Kats & Felix Souvenir Shop,
we would appreciate it very much. Send me a photo and I can post it on here so other Kats
can see it and add it to their lists of 'must' haves.  Things Felix or Chase
Kats related please. If you have any Chase memorabilia that you want to donate that would be great too. Please send photo.
All proceeds go to into the treasury of the CHS Alumni Association.
 From this treasury we at times purchase things for the Chase School that is very badly needed.
 It is also used to make your All School Reunion an event to remember.

Some of these items can be seen and purchased at the Kats Korner store in Chase, Kansas


Ruler, letter opener and tape measure. Minimum donation of $1.00 each item. Tape measure can lock open. Ruler is 6 inch.

Red coozie with Felix on one side and Chase Kats on the other side--Minimum donation $4.00


This is a bag/backpack. You know, the ones with the strings and can be used as a bag or a backpack and are made out of nylon I think. Size is about 13 1/2 X 17 1/2  --minimum donation of $10.00

Item that I designed and we only have 11 of them. Felix Chase Kats Mug showing two sides and front--minimum donation of $12.00


Chase Kats Breakaway Lanyard--3 available here and 1 available at Kats Korner--minimum donation of $4.00
We also have 3 of the design running the other way in case you like your keys in your pocket with the lanyard hanging out. Same donation.

Our newest Felix with an attitude tee, Kats Korner has some of these, the rest at Sherry Coles house.
Minimum donation of $13.00 for children's sizes and adults, S, M, L, XL and $15.00 for sizes 2X and 3X
Here are sizes that we have~~
Youth, XS, S, M, L, XL
Adults, S, M, L, XL, 2X & 3X
Sorry that children's sizes are the same price as adults but that is the way we had to buy them.

Felix with an attitude sweatshirt , Kats Korner has some of these. You might call them. 620.938.1100  Did get a small order in and still checking on the child sizes.
Minimum donation of $20.00 Sizes S-XL~~ $25.00 Sizes 2X and 3X


Chase Kats Felix Thumbs Up Hat-minimum donation of $13.00 Have them at Sherrys house and Kats Korner


Chase Kats Scratch Tee--minimum donation of $18.00--All at Kats Korner
Large--1 available

Chase Kats 12 pack cooler--minimum donation of $6.00.


Chase Kats tote bag--minimum donation of $4.00

1 Felix with a heart Plush kind of  beanie like---minimum donation of $15.00

Sleeve of three golf balls with Felix on them---minimum donation of $5.00
5 Available.

Kats's Klip for chip bags and such--minimum donation of $1.00

All Charms are shown larger than actual size

Felix Charm for link bracelet--minimum donation of $5.00
6 available

# 2

 Felix Charms for link bracelet--minimum donation of $5.00
# 1 ---0 available
# 3, #4, #5, #6, #7 ---1 each available
# 8 ---2 available

# 1  #3 #4#5
#6#7 #8

Felix Pins-Two sizes Kats Korner has all of these.

31/2 inch---minimum donation of $1.50  1 available
21/2 inch--
minimum donation of $1.00  3 available

Car Tag--minimum donation of $1.00

53 left

Felix Pins---minimum donation of $2.00

I use mine for hat pins and you can use them for lapel, ties and have even had one lady use them as earrings.

New tac pins

Super Hero-22
Sax Player-31


Ones that we had already

Drum Major-9         
Golf Full Body-17
Golf Head-17                           
Cool dude-13



Mouse Pads---minimum donation of $4.00 

Felix----Kats Forever clear ---2  available


Felix Keychains-----minimum donation of $4.00

Felix Lay flat Coozie---minimum donation of $1.00

 Chase Kats Yearbooks------minimum donation of $5.00

From the year1992, the yearbooks include Grade School and Jr. High photos

At this years reunion Gerald Fielder donated yearbooks that belonged to his sister, Classes 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982. Kay Kopfman Thrall donated years 1954, 1956 and 1957. We need all three of them for the cabinet in the school. Thank you Gerald & Kay. Any yearbook donations are always welcome.


                                                       Shot glasses--minimum donation of $10.00                                 


   Small Felix--minimum donation of $2.00                 Small Felix Trophy--minimum donation of $1.00                               Mini football--minimum donation of $2.00
              Plain 1 left  Overalls 1 left                                              



 Felix Graduates--minimum donation of  $15.00                   4-Beanie like Felix---                                              Plush Felix, your choice--minimum donation of $10.00
                                                                                         minimum donation of $10.00


                                                     Felix book--minimum donation of $10.00                                                     Felix book--minimum donation of $5.00   




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